A bunker fuel
Management system

Who is it for
Anyone who purchases bunker fuel and looking to optimize their fuel procurement strategies with better cost control

For Who
Anyone who purchases bunker fuel and looking to optimise their fuel procurement strategies with better cost control
  • Shiptech is a bunker fuel management system created on the core philosophy of procuring the highest quality of fuel at the lowest price.
  • With simplicity in mind, the complex operations of fuel procurement of spot RFQ, fuel quality and quantity discrepancies management, claims or ECA compliance are streamlined into Shiptech to provide a seamless buyer experience.
  • With Best-Buy process in place and rich featured modules, Shiptech enables quick decision making.
  • Modular architecture by design, Shiptech provides standard API’s to easily integrate with other back office applications like voyage management systems, finance applications or market pricing feeds.
Fuel bunkering faces three main challenges – correct supplier selection, operating with the right fuel quality and complying with impending regulations.

  • Correct supplier selection
    • Need for greater transparency between suppliers and buyers through systemic communication.
    • Meaningful data and tools to support decisions on supplier performance and selection.
  • Operating with the right fuel quality/quantity
    • Need for information to understand and dispute off spec fuel, approve and on board the on-spec fuel.
    • Ability to properly pursue or defend costly bunker quality or quantity claims.
    • Need for integrated information from lab test results, claims history, resolution workflows and supplier performance for effective decision making.
  • Complying with impending ECA regulations
    • Need for better auditability and traceability of compliance related information.
    • Need for effective reporting tools and meaningful dashboards.
  • Saving on fuel costs
    • Need for streamlined bunker procurement process.
    • Access to real time information on prices, suppliers, quantity and quality.
    • Need for better analytical tools to determine optimal lift at optimal prices.
  • Optimize your fuel procurement
    • Achieve 2-5% savings on fuel costs
    • Gain insights on how much to bunker and where to bunker to optimize fuel costs, through Shipetch’s advanced analytical capabilities
  • Full planning support
    By allowing the deep analysis of your own performance with real time data – Shiptech allows shipping companies to create strategies on a trade/service/vessel basis. Shiptech provides specific support for contract or spot purchasing.
  • Be in control of your negotiation
    Shiptech takes negotiation to another level by allowing the buyer to conduct multiple negotiations on real time in an easy manner while ensuring adequate market coverage.
  • Buy from the best
    Shiptech features a supplier performance dashboard. The better the performance – the higher the supplier on the preferred list.
  • Extensive contract management
    Tailor make contracts using diverse formulas and market instruments. Be on top of your deals.
  • Intelligent decision support
    Specific strategic, tactical and reporting dashboards created to display a 360 degree view of KPI’s and intuitive alerting.
  • Claims made easy
    Integrated claims ensures that all order information and communication is recalled in case of disputes.
  • Become compliant
    On the brink of ECA regulations, Shiptech ensures auditability, traceability and reporting of compliance.
  • Optimize your fuel procurement
    Gain insights on how much to bunker and where to bunker to optimize fuel costs, through Shipetch’s advanced analytical capabilities.
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