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Shiptech is a feature-rich, cloud-based product designed specifically to address the fuel procurement needs of shipping companies. At its core is the philosophy of procuring the highest quality of fuel at the lowest price. It provides functions including bunker procurement, contract management and claims management as well as analytical reports and efficient processes for optimum decision support. Shiptech also includes an advanced level of dashboard reporting at the Strategic, Tactical and Operational level – designed to provide “one click decision support”.
Inatech understands and realises that in the shipping industry many of the core processes are still manual, highly time consuming and error prone. Specifically within bunkering where the average purchase is around $1m (1600MT $610) and growing. The reliance on manual processes can result in costly errors, omissions and disputes. Inatech developed Shiptech with the sole intention of providing a technology-rich product that addresses the key needs of the shipping industry such as the impact of fluctuating fuel prices, improper negotiation with suppliers and low operational efficiency. Also by adopting the latest cloud-based technology, Inatech has brought down the upfront cost of adoption while ensuring the solution remains scalable and flexible.
  • Planning:

    Perhaps the most critical function in procurement and one in which Shiptech delivers real-time benefits. Checks and balances within the system alert users for timely action.
  • Buying Strategy:

    Spot versus contract is a key part of any buying strategy and Shiptech delivers a real-time analysis of the performance of the contracts to enable the buyer to adopt the correct strategy.
  • Negotiation:

    Supplier integration and negotiation support allow you to conduct multiple negotiations in an easy manner while ensuring adequate market coverage.
  • Operations:

    Complete integration of operations ensures the right quantity and quality of information is received from all sources including labs, vessel, suppliers and barge. The physical documents are also captured at each stage.
  • Claims:

    The entire post buying process is captured within the system as all forms/documents are traceable. Handling claims within Shiptech ensures a seamless flow of all order related information.
  • Advanced Analytics:

    We have integrated specific functional dashboards which provide “action-oriented” information. The reporting module prompts the user to take action and manage by exception ensuring a consistent improvement in decision making.
  • Flexibility :

    We have built flexibility right into Shiptech from cloud hosting to customisable fields to ensure that we capture your entire fuel ecosystem to ensure maximum adoption by all parties.
  • Scalability :

    The SaaS technology provides the facility to scale the application to any number of vessels /locations / users through the web. It can also be easily integrated into 3P solutions.
  • Mobility:

    The system is designed to be accessed through the latest handheld devices to capture and display information “real-time”.
  • Fast set up:

    This technology makes user set up quick and easy.
  • Easy user provisioning and usage metering.

  • Little upfront investment in hardware compared to on-premise:

    Shift from heavy initial Capex to more predictable Opex.
  • 24x7, highly reliable application hosting:

    You get to choose the best data centres in the world.
  • Easy monthly subscription of services.

We have developed three different solutions to meet the different needs of the shipping industry. Shiptech has been developed for smaller shipping companies with up to 100 vessels. Shiptech Premium addresses larger shipping companies, namely 100 plus vessels. Optimizer works with either solution or can be purchased as a stand-alone product and integrated with 3rd party applications. The table below shows which modules are supplied with which product.
  • Shiptech Standard Free Trial
  • Shiptech Premium
  • Shiptech Optimizer
Procurement and reporting
Trading and Risk Management
Advanced analytics
Business hours client support

It is an advanced real-time fuel procurement optimization tool.

Optimizer takes the guesswork out of your fuel purchasing decisions by providing you with real-time guidance on the three key factors of quantity, location and price strategy by answering three questions:

  • How much fuel to buy for each ship in the fleet.
  • The best port to bunker at.
  • The right price strategy (spot versus contract).

Optimizer adds a smart layer of business "predictive intelligence" (source - Gartner Evolution of BI, 2012) that makes accurate recommendations for the exact amount of fuel to purchase as well as taking into consideration port arbitrage factors relating to both fuel availability and price trends.

No, it is also available as a stand alone product. Although in order to get the full benefit of Inatech’s fuel procurement platform it is advisable to purchase either Shiptech or Shiptech Premium as well.

Inatech is a global provider of intelligent cloud-enabled and on-premise consulting, ERP implementation, managed services and marine solutions.

Inatech’s Marine Solutions Division is a leading provider of intelligent shipping and bunker procurement management solutions. Shiptech, its flagship solution, is a feature rich, cost-efficient, integrated platform designed specifically to address the bunker procurement needs of modern shipping companies.

Inatech’s software portfolio includes Shiptech, Shiptech Premium and Shiptech Optimizer. All solutions are available ‘in the cloud’ as a Software as a Service or can be hosted on-site and are designed to easily integrate (and scale) with other standard shipping software systems.

These solutions are delivered by a development team that is supported from offices around the globe based in the US, UK, Singapore, Dubai and India.

Our approach is based on a ‘high-touch’ model, where we work closely with you to map out your requirements and operations during an engagement phase. The goal is to identify the gains and benefits in your fuel procurement ecosystem and to jointly review potential outcomes during the procurement optimization project.

We partner with you throughout the project and our unique tracking tools help you monitor performance.

  • Windows Azure backs up infrastructure data regularly and validates restoration of data periodically for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Windows Azure includes replication features detailed below to help prevent loss of customer data in the event of failures within a Microsoft data center.
    • Recovery from local failures within a datacenter is handled through multiple fault domains for file storage (at least 3 copies)
      • Document stored in Azure storage are synchronously replicated to 3 different storage nodes
      • Database replication (at least 3 copies) through SQL replication, for data.
    • Recovery from a major failure of a datacenter located in a region through geo redundant replication.
  • Inatech has its own business continuity plan which covers the below backup policy
    • Hourly database backup saved to same zone; this is used primarily to address data loss because of user action. (Maintained for rolling 2 days)
    • Nightly backup saved to different seismic zone, (Maintained for rolling 7 days)
    • Backup of client data will be taken before any deployment is made to application
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